North Street Improvement Projects

The above concept plan for this streetscape improvement project grew from a community workshop that brought teams of landscape architects, environmental and civic engineers, city and environmental planners and artist-citizens to explore opportunities to enhance PennDOT’s plans for the North Street Corridor  The  resulting plan called for creation of a ‘green necklace’ to soften the streetscape and support stormwater innovations; expanded and  raised intersections to create a sense of place while calming traffic; and the highlighting Mill Run, a local stream that meanders under city streets, at key points along the streetscape.  Phase I, which involves replacing aging storm and sewage infrastructure along the roadway, began in April 2013. Phase II will include construction of stamped concrete designs for the four main intersections, as well as artistically inspired crosswalks at each of those intersections. If the project remains on schedule, Phase II will begin in spring of 2014.

Located on the Corner of Park Avenue and North Street, here is an example of the type of greening for the ‘Green Necklace’ used to beutify and create a sense of community and place.
Mill Run flows beneath the intersection of Garden Street and North Street. This example would be a continuation of the Mill Run Highlighting project, and another way to unify these artworks into Meadville’s growing Urban Art Trail.
Located on the corner of Liberty Street and North Street, an existing Kwik Fill station will be relocated, providing an opportunity for adaptive reuse of the site. Pictured here is a proposal to create a bus shelter/civic space that teaches about climate change.

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