Market Alley

A collaboration with the City of Meadville, the Redevelopment Authority of Meadville this project features our first daylighting of Mill Run, a historically important local stream. Begun in 2000, the project focused on environmental and aesthetic enhancements for a blighted, historic alley in downtown Meadville that provides an important connection between Park Avenue and Market Street. The endeavor was part of a larger vision to create an urban pedestrian way to encourage residents and tourists to travel through the historic downtown business district and journey along Meadville’s Public Art Trail. Both Market Alley and the Public Art Trail were designed to generate awareness of Meadville’s history and our place within the French Creek watershed. Community charrettes were held and many individuals contributed to the overall plan.

Phase I was completed in 2011 and included daylighting a tiny section of Mill Run, and construction of a walkway to evoke the presence of Mill Run in this site and enhance pedestrian experiences. The project was funded via PennDOT’s Transportation Enhancement program, and represents another early collaboration with PennDOT and the City of Meadville, demonstrating that in working collaboratively we can transform our environment to reflect the beauty and uniqueness of place. Ultimately, Market Alley is about the creation of place through transformations of the built environment.

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